Sunday service at Nashville Light Mission Pentecostal Church started out as it does every week. But this particular Sunday, on November 7, had a very different outcome. A young man, Dezire Baganda, 26 years of age, who had attended church services prior, but was not a member, walked up to the podium to make some remarks. That was the moment he chose to pull out a gun and start waving it around. Alarmed, some individuals can be seen making their way out of the building, while others stayed calm and stayed put. Thankfully, there were some quick thinking church members who went into action.

The whole potentially tragic incident was caught on their surveillance footage, below. In it you can see that the pastor of the church made his way up the side of the pew, while the gunman made his intentions known. He then snuck behind the gunman and tackled him to the ground. Other church members also helped subdue him. They held him down until police arrived, according to FOX 17 WZTV. The police said the gunman claimed to be Jesus. And continued to say that every school and church needed to be “shot up.”

When asked about the incident, the pastor said that “God” gave him the will and ability to act in that moment. Because of the pastor’s actions, no injuries were incurred and no gunfire was reported.


Featured Image via Screenshot.

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