The scenes in California’s Bay Area are unreal. Looters have taken their efforts to another level, by coordinating their attacks on luxury retail stores like Louis Vuitton and Nordstrom. Witnesses have caught their exploits on camera and have posted several videos on Twitter.

Although many got away with no consequences, as of yet, others were not so lucky. Officers arrested culprits at gunpoint, as demonstrated in the video posted by NBC’s Jodi Hernandez.

Nordstrom In Walnut Creek, CA

Hernandez describes the scene in her caption, below, saying that about 25 cars pulled up in coordination and rushed into Nordstrom. Simultaneously, they dispersed with as much merchandise as they could carry. They sped off with the items. Officers arrested as many as they could, at least two were brought into custody. This occurred in the wealthy Walnut Creek neighborhood of California’s Bay Area.

Louis Vuitton In San Francisco

A similar scene took place in San Francisco, at the Louis Vuitton store. High end items were cleared from the shelves in a coordinated flash mob looting event. You can see people leaving the store with heaps of items, totaling thousands of dollars. Passers-by captured video footage, and posted on Twitter.

Louis Vuitton In Chicago

To show just how quickly these types of flash loot orchestrated events unfold. Here is footage from inside the Louis Vuitton Oak Brook store in Chicago. It occurred on Wednesday, November 17, posted below. The footage captures just how quickly things escalated. Looters got away with over $120k worth of merchandise.

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