On September 16, 2021, a police officer in Wisconsin was caught having sexual relations with a woman in his department issued vehicle. A man passing by recorded the encounter. Once the Madison Police Department became aware of the video, they launched an investigation.

After scrutinizing all the details of the incident, the Madison Police Department identified Lieutenant Reginald Patterson as the officer in the video. They cited him on several accounts, saying that he violated department policies and his conduct was not in line with their values. The department made a decision recommending “a separation from service” from Patterson. At that point, the lieutenant resigned.

Lt. Patterson

The Madison Police Department issued a statement in response,

The recent actions of Lt. Patterson do not align with the mission of the Madison Police Department.

Although the department knew of the allegations against the officer, they decided not to identify Lt. Patterson until after a local news report confirmed his identity. The news report surfaced in mid-October. But before that, during all the investigations, Patterson was out on administrative leave until the department made their final decision.

According to Fox News, Marcel Scott recorded the incident in the parking lot at a store called Farm and Fleet. After the video circulated on social media, the Madison Police Department placed Patterson on administrative leave. Without risking to implicate the woman involved, the sheriff department confirmed that the woman was not a prostitute. The department did not share further details.

To watch the video of the encounter in question, you can find the footage on the Wisconsin State Journal here.

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