The sneaker second hand market is alive and well. Whether there is a recession, a pandemic or anything in between, sneakerheads will pay big bucks for  limited edition shoes. And today only proved this idea still rings true, maybe even more than ever before. The London-based company, Proxyeed, who sold the Paris edition Nike SB Dunk Low brought in a whopping $130,000 from the transaction.

Each Pair Is A One-Of-A-Kind

According to Hypebeast, the shoe is one of the most limited sneakers out there. How limited, you might ask. It is being said that less than 200 pairs are even in existence. The shoe was made in 2002 for Nike SB’s “White Dunk” exhibited that traveled globally, celebrating the release in Paris. A French artist in the expressionist genre, Bernard Buffet, created artwork for each pair. Because no two pairs are alike, the rarity of these sneakers make them even more sought after.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Decided The Sale

The owner of Proxyeed, Ryan Thomas Symes, told Hypebeast exclusively about the deal. They negotiated the final details of the price through, get this, a rock, paper, scissors contest. Symes told the outlet that the sell represented “the world’s most expensive private shoe sale ever, excluding game-worn Jordans or signed shoes.” The buyer, referred to as a “mysterious customer,” purchased over $150,000 worth of merchandise. That sum included the SB Dunks, making it quite the hefty purchase.


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