We’re not so sure about this statement in the title, but HYPEBEAST is making this claim. Well, sort of, they are saying that because of its beloved silhouette, and the fact that it overcame a less than favorable reception upon its concept introduction in 1987, it has come a long way. So, in that sense, yes, it is influential.

Now, over 34 years later, this shoe, which was once considered to be too risky is now iconic and popular. Celebrities, athletes and streetwear enthusiasts alike, prefer the shoe. With remixes and refreshes from a crazy amount of collaborations and color skews, the shoe has a day dedicated to its design. Continue on to see what all the hype is about, watch the video below. Determine if you agree, is the Nike Air Max 1 one of the most iconic and influential sneakers of all time?


Featured image via 513 Kicks

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