We had to know it was coming.  The most popular show in the history of Netflix was sure to get a boost of comedy from SNL. With Rami Malek guest hosting , it was him and Pete Davidson doing the honors.  The sketch was a country-type theme song based around the shot.  The song was a variant of Branchez & Big Wet’s song, “Turn Up On the Weekend,”  In the video they played some of the typical children’s games played in the Squid Games.. like Red light green light…etc

The music video basically breaks down the entire squid game so if you haven’t seen the show consider this a music video length description of everything that happens from the beginning of the show to the end of the show so consider this a major spoiler alert.

The country song twist was actually hilarious as they were able to use the country song story format to tell the entire story of the Squid Game.

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