One of soccer’s biggest dates on the schedule has lost it’s luster.  From intriguing storylines to the roughest defender in the world and of course the two best soccer players of this generation going head to head to see who’s best in a way that we would only see if their national teams of Portugal and Argentina drew a matchup at the world cup.

The guy who created the pass , pass , pass system is now at Manchester United (Pep Guardiola). Iniesta is in China, Suarez is in Madrid, Neymar is in Paris, …Eto’o and Ronaldinho are on their couches watching with us.  Barcelona’s two most intriguing players Mephis and Griezmann…. wait… Griezmann is accross town with Suarez.  Pique is still there though and DeJong is a star right?  Ansu Fati looks like he has a bright future, but hasn’t hit his stride just yet.  Dembele should be in Newcastle soon or somewhere similar as Barcelona might not give the often-hurt winger a new contract.

Real Madrid has some continuity though.  Marcelo, Benzema, Kroos, Modric, Isco, Bale, Cortious , Casemiro, Carvahal, and more are still there.  In fact Ronaldo feels like the only major loss on offense.  The defense lost both of it’s central defenders.  Varane is in Manchester, but his form hasn’t been much to write home to Madrid about.  Mardid replaced him with an equal or maybe even better central defender in Alaba.  Ramos is enjoying Paris.

Sergio Ramos PSG
Sergio Ramos signs to PSG

There you have it. The scene is set.  Memphis vs. Benzema.  Its not the same as Ronaldo and Messi, but it’s still El Classico.  Is it the same for you?  Let us know.


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