Georgia takes home the National Championship after dueling with their number one rival Alabama. With just 97 seconds of play in the very first quarter, Georgia took down Alabama’s Bryce Young to cause a fumble with a resulting touchdown. Unfortunately, for Georgia, that call was reversed after reviewed, but may have been an early indication that Georgia was out for the win.

Neither team was able to get a firm footing in its offense until after the half. The first and second quarters kept both teams scoring only from field goals. Alabama ended the half with 9, and Georgia with 6.

It was not until the the third quarter, with only 80 seconds left, when the very first touchdown was scored. Georgia’s 80-yard drive in four plays earned them a touchdown, making the score Georgia 13, and Alabama 9. But the game was not over there. Georgia disintegrated all hope for Alabama with a pick-six in the fourth quarter. That took Georgia’s lead to 32-18, with an easy earned point after to make it 33-18.


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A huge congratulations to Georgia, whose last National Championship came in 1980 โ€“ long overdue!

Featured image via WSB-TV Channel 2.

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