When you spend serious coin on a timepiece, you want the expenditure to be worth it. For some, getting a watch from one of the top of the line brands is a must, while others focus on workmanship and history. Of course, functionality comes into play, as well as lifestyle. No matter your thought process, creating a one of a kind wristwatch is highly appealing. Keeping the integrity of the watch’s design consistent with the authenticity of the watchmakers vision, however, can prove to be a bit more challenging. Poignant filmmaker Spike Lee, and self proclaimed representative of the republic of Brooklyn, NY, is no stranger to this concept.

Artisans De Genève

Lee is known for personalizing his Rolex Daytona (starting retail price, $13,000 — $100,000 +) to embody his interpretation of Brooklyn, NY. He worked with the master watchmaker outfit, Artisans De Genève. The watch house has a rich history in expert timepiece craftsmanship, known for its technical knowledge and skilled aesthetic that sticks to the strictest compliance codes engrained in the history of acclaimed brands such as Rolex, Cartier and all models of all brands, according to Artisans De Genève’s website.

Artisans De Genève

If you’re thinking of giving your wristwatch new life, take a quick read over the Artisans De Genève’s frequently asked questions section. The criteria is specific and inflexible. It is the only strategy to keep an impeccable reputation unblemished. See their work on Spike Lee’s Rolex Daytona, “Cool Hand Brooklyn,” in two video installments below.

How the Cool Hand Brooklyn Rolex Project Began


Today: The Evolution of the Cool Hand Brooklyn Rolex Project

Spike Lee X Artisans de Genève The Cool Hand Brooklyn Skeleton

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