On Wednesday, the wife of music mogul and legend Clarence Avant passed away. Jacqueline Avant was shot and killed during a home invasion at their Trousdale Estates home. A suspect broke the sliding glass window and began shooting. One of the bullets hit Jacqueline Avant in the stomach. TMZ is reporting that although Mrs. Avant was struck, she was alert and talking to the paramedics when they arrived. The family expected her to pull through and were in disbelief when she didn’t.

In response to a number of robbery related crimes in wealthy neighborhoods across Los Angeles, the new Beverly Hills Chief of Police Mark Stainbrook released a statement.

“To the Beverly Hills Community, let me reassure you, this is one of the most protected and patrolled cities in the world. Crime of any kind will not be tolerated here. Let this be a message to anyone thinking of committing a crime in Beverly Hills — you will be caught and brought to justice.”


According to police, Aariel Maynor is the suspect that has been arrested in connection to Jacqueline Avant’s killing. He was caught in Hollywood Hills, where he was attempting to break into yet another home, just one hour later. He had an AR-15 and shot himself in the foot. It is unclear what events led to that action, but there is video of him talking to the paramedics as he is being pushed in a wheelchair.

Maynor had just been released from jail after serving a four year sentence for second-degree robbery. He has been out on parole supervision since September 1, 2021.

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