An attempted robbery at a Subway restaurant in Rockford, Illinois was captured on surveillance video. The employee is seen defending herself against the alleged suspect but said she was suspended from her job.

The employee, Araceli Sotelo, told WTVO that she was scared for her life and decided to fight back during the attempted robbery on Sunday.

In the video, the suspect is seen wrestling with Sotelo for her purse, and she threatens to call the police. She manages to get the suspect in a headlock before pulling off his sweatshirt. A gun falls to the floor and Sotelo picks it up and hits the suspect with it before he runs out of the store, leaving her purse behind.

Text messages obtained by WTVO show a conversation that stated Sotelo was suspended until the videos were taken down. She wrote back and asked how she can take them down if she did not post them…

More to come.

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