Over the past several years, Jay-z has been dragged through the mud of memes, while simply living his life. On vacation with Beyoncé, he was criticized heavily for his safety precautions, while riding a jet ski. Even though he is the same guy who released one of the hardest albums of all time, The Blueprint, he has been the subject of too many memes to count.

“The Harder They Fall” L.A. Premiere

This week, on October 13, Netflix celebrated one of their newest releases, “The Harder They Fall,” with a star-studded red carpet premiere. Idris Elba, Regina King, and Jonathan Majors all star in this film. As part of its promotional campaign, the film premiered in several cities globally. Jay-z, one of the producers on the project, attended the premiere in Los Angeles. But had no idea longtime friend, Kelly Rowland, would be in attendance that night, as well. Watch below as Jay-z encounters Rowland on the carpet. It is what many are considering a meme-worthy moment. Decide for yourself, after watching the video below.

Watch “The Harder They Fall” Trailer

“The Harder They Fall,” out on Netflix, October 22, 2021.

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