Meta, the new name for parent company of Facebook, has a connected watch is on the way.

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg has reported that Meta is in the process of creating a connected watch with a front camera and a rounded screen. An image has already been found in the files of Meta’s iPhone app for controlling Ray-ban glasses.

It can actually be seen that the screen would be cut off with a notch to allow a front camera to pass at the bottom of the screen.  A button on the right edge can also be depicted, to control the device. Just like the Apple Watch, the bracelets are said to be easily detachable and interchangeable. With this camera on the front, it is pretty clear that Meta would like to connect this product to Messenger and WhatsApp to easily create video calls.

The plan is said to be commercialized in 2022, but according to Bloomberg, the final decision has yet to be made. One can imagine that the shortage of components once again has a role to play in this still unclear schedule. In any case, this would be a large-scale project, as Meta would already be working on the first three generations of watches, with a successive release planned, to create a full range.


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