Beverly Hills has long since been debunked as the most exclusive address in the world. With open neighborhoods that can be accessed by anyone, it is far from private. The super secure armed body guards that post in front of gated communities in Bel Air are much more exclusive. But this brand new property set to open in 2024, is at sea. On a $600 million dollar yacht, the first-ever luxurious condos on the ocean are coming to fruition.

The yacht features 39 ultra luxurious condos that are fully customizable. Named Somnio, meaning “dream” in latin, this super yacht embodies the residential experience you have yet to imagine.

Watch the video below, as it takes you through a virtual tour of what can be expected in the physical yacht to launch in 2024.


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A ship above the rest, this exquisite vessel has more to offer than you ever knew your heart could desire. Visit Somnio Superyacht for more information on how to secure the invitation only coveted address.


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